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Do you want to promote your self-published book? Our promoters, marketers, and eBook publishers NZ devise a foolproof plan to get your story to the bestselling lane through email marketing, paid advertising, book reviews, author website, and more!

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Our online book promotion for authors is done by award-winning professionals. We promote books using the most innovative strategies. We're meticulous about making your book viral in no time. Once we kickstart the promotion, we don't take a breather until you get global coverage, measurable results, and unparalleled success.

Author's Brand Building
Author's Brand Building
  • We create author's websites to build their positive image.
  • From events to signings, we do it all to get media attention.
Paid & Organic Reviews
Paid & Organic Reviews
  • Paid book promotion collects reviews from credible sources.
  • Publicity of your book video promotion for organic reach.
Social Media Visibility
Social Media Visibility
  • Social media marketing will improve your presence online.
  • Visibility on Goodreads, Amazon, etc, through advertising.
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Acquire the most effective social media book promotion assistance in New Zealand to bring your story into the limelight. It will attract readers from Queenstown to Christchurch.

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Terrell Lucas

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Anita Cohen

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Lindsay Ramos

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NZ's Best Book Promotion Services

Why is your great story not sold out yet? It may contain some errors, so try book proofreading services. However, unless you advertise it on eBook promotion sites, it will keep collecting dust on shelves. Our book promotion company will take the wheel and help you get seen, gleam on platforms, and raise your book through the charts of best sellers. That's not it. Here's what else we offer.

Customizing Promotion Plans

Conventional strategies don't work out for everyone. That's why we make it 2x more effective by customizing it to your needs. We look into your expectations, budget, experience level, and more to sketch a detailed plan for your book. Ultimately, all eyes will be on your book.

Dealing With Every Book Genre

Genre is never a problem for us. From romance, thriller, and fantasy to memoir and autobiography, we will spice up your sale regardless of your book genre. We have seasoned marketers to cater to your needs, even the toughest ones, like children's books and comics.

Affordable Prices Start At NZ$ 1899

No author wants to end up with an empty pocket after writing a great book. Don't worry; that's not an issue with us. We never go overboard with prices. It's affordable and goes with the budget of even the fresh authors. Plus, our deals will keep your savings intact.

Conquer The Untapped Audience

It's time to pump up your readership with incredible book promotions. From word of mouth to advertising on Amazon, we map out strategies to make you seen more by the audience. All thanks to our talented book promoters in New Zealand who work to let you win more readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! In fact, our book promotion company is perfect for that matter. We have a team of talented marketers whose portfolios are packed with best-selling books and award-winning authors. They'll help you with marketing!

Not just Dunedin, but any reliable site in New Zealand is worth it. Since many sketchy companies are out there, stick to the best one like ours. Our detailed marketing efforts result in more sales and better presence.

The typical price range can go up to NZ$ 4000 to NZ$ 5000 and sometimes even more. However, our book promotion packages start as low as NZ$ 1299, which is a complete bargain. Nobody offers such a fantastic steal deal.

You can simply take a free consultation and tell your requirements. Select a package, make payment, and voila! Consider your book promotion done, as you've partnered with New Zealand's best marketing company.
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