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NZ's Most Reliable EBook Formatting Services is the biggest book formatting agency that fixes the layout of manuscripts so they can look more professional and visually appealing.

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Top-Notch KDP Book Formatting In NZ

Spike the elegance of your book with our professional formatters and book cover designers NZ. We excel at every platform, including Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and more. You can trust us to power up your literary dreams.

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NZ's KDP Formatting Services

That Make Your Layout Captivating

Your story is just a manuscript until it gets suitable grooming. That's where our professional designers and experienced formatters come into play and transform your manuscript into a full-fledged book. We ensure the book's inside looks pleasant and stays consistent from the first page to the last.

Layout For Fiction
Layout For Fiction
  • Your fiction book with a makeover from headings to subheadings.
  • It also includes footnotes, tables, quotes, graphs, and much more.
Layout For Non-Fiction
Layout For Non-Fiction
  • A standard template will be followed to structure your book.
  • It covers everything from images and block quotes to text boxes.
Custom Layout
Custom Layout
  • Your book layout will be tailored & designed by the team's top talent.
  • Title page, headings, footer, custom fonts, etc, will be formatted.

Amazon Book Formatting Services In NZ

That Make Your Story Binge-Read Worthy!

Here's some good news - our formatters and book writers for hire are available at reasonable prices. You can give your book a reader-friendly layout to keep the audience engaged throughout.

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Formatting A Book For Print In New Zealand

For Every Genre

Unlike a bunch of book formatting companies, we've opened our doors to every genre. Whether a cookbook, comics or romance, we've got your back.

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Jennifer Brooks
Jennifer Brooks

"Not many companies offered iBooks file format services, but I found them in Wellington. The custom solutions offered by their professional team impressed me to the core."

Simon Troy
Simon Troy

"Their team in Queenstown worked to optimize the Google Play books file format for me. It looked perfect, and the results were outstanding. My book is a best-seller now!"

Lauren Gibson
Lauren Gibson

"Almost every other agency was asking for an unreasonable price. But their book formatting cost was very affordable. Although rates were cheap, formatting was still top-notch."

Kevin Bishop
Kevin Bishop

"I was searching for a 'book format online agency near me', and that's how I found them. They formatted my manuscript for Reedsy, KDP and Apple books in only five days."

Olivia Jhonson
Olivia Jhonson

"Their portfolio was convincing as they have many self-published authors. I put my trust in them, and I was completely satisfied in the end. Font and everything else was great."

Peter Williamson
Peter Williamson

"After placing the order for KDP formatting, their leading designers and formatters did all the work. They kept me posted throughout the process. It was professionally done and affordable!"

Leading Book Formatting Experts In NZ For A Reason!

  • Improved Reading Experience
  • Clean and Immaculate Layout
  • Expert At Print and EBooks
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Best Book Formatting Services In NZ

You may be great at writing, but formatting is not everyone's cup of tea. Just dare to mess up with the 'table of contents' and it will screw up your whole manuscript. Dodge those hassles as we're here with our mind-blowing team of formatters to help you out. The tales of our excellence are known from Auckland to Christchurch.

Formatting For 20+ Publishing Platforms

Let's cut to the chase - our formatting team welcomes any publishing platforms you desire. From KDP, Reedsy book, and Proposal formatting for Ibooks files, kindle documents, and Google Play book format, we cover it all. No more rejection fears as we have dedicated experts for each platform.

RockBottom Prices For Every Author

No matter where you are on your literary journey, seasoned or new to the writing world, you keep hunting for a reliable and affordable option - That's us! Our prices never dig a hole in your pocket, nor will you have to budge your savings. Plus, you can get lucky with our discounted deals.

Perfect Grooming Of Book's Interior

Open a book, and everything is all smushed together - not a good feel, right? That's exactly what we help you with. We use readable fonts, roomy margins, break scenes with lines, and a blend of writeup and images so your manuscript can finally transform into a professional book.

Amplified Readership - Guaranteed!

Who doesn't want to read a well-formatted book? With perfect scenes, immaculate margins, and the right font sizes that fit your particular genre, the brownie point goes to our formatting. Ultimately, your audience will fall in love with your book, and more people join the clan over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The overall presentation of your manuscript is book formatting. The process of formatting a book can take anywhere from 4 to 6 days, which is the fastest in Rotorua. You can also speed up this process with express delivery.

The formatting for fiction and non-fiction books has some differences due to their nature. However, some basic formatting includes the selection of fonts, chapter headings, subheadings, margins, and more.

Absolutely! You can pay us to get your raw draft morphed into a book. This transformation journey is completely stress-free with us. Just place the order, share the manuscript, and the rest will be done by Tauranga's formatters.

Book formatting prices have been skyrocketing. It fluctuates between NZ$ 4000 to NZ$ 5000 depending on the number of pages. But we win the price wars by offering formatting services at only NZ$ 1199 and even less at times.
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From queries to quotes, our specialists are right here to answer and help you publish your book the right way.

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