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Book Publishing Company in New Zealand That Crafts Literary Legacies

As one of the top book publishing companies in New Zealand, our mission is to empower authors on their self-publishing journey. The vision that we follow is more than just to be a publishing entity; we strive to be the curators of literary legacies. Our goal is to provide authors with the tools, support, and platforms necessary to share their stories with the world.

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A Self-Publishing Platform In NZ Where Creativity Thrives

We are here to foster a community where creativity thrives, and every voice finds its resonance. Our book publishing specialists are the backbone of our success. With a deep understanding of the nuances of self-publishing, they guide authors through the complexities of the process. From manuscript refinement to formatting, designing captivating covers, and navigating platforms such as Amazon KDP, Lulu, Kobo, Blurb, and more, our team ensures a seamless publishing journey.

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Book Publishing Solutions in NZ That Committed to Author Success opens doors to multiple publishing avenues. Whether you aspire to see your book on Amazon's virtual shelves or prefer the unique charm of a Lulu publication, we are the bridge between your manuscript and a global audience. Following are the factors that determine why we are the gateway to your literary success.

Transparency & Honesty
Transparency & Honesty
  • We charge every customer a fair amount and keep their quotations free from all sorts of hidden costs. The final price will never exceed the amount agreed in the quotation.
  • Authors get to keep their ownership rights of the publication as we neither claim any credit for your work nor ask for any share in your book's royalties and profits.
All Genres Covered
All Genres Covered
  • From suspense thrillers to horror, mystery, romance, autobiographies, and comics, we offer publishing assistance for every single genre and niche that exists.
  • We have ghostwriters, publishers, and printers specializing in different genres. It means that your draft will always be in trusted and reliable hands.
Sustainable Printing
Sustainable Printing
  • Along with publishing, printing is also our forte. We offer eco-friendly printing techniques that keep the charm alive of your publication without affecting the environment.
  • Customization is the key in our book printing services. You can pick your desired finish for the book cover and choose any type of paper that you want.

It's Publishing Time !

We are ready to celebrate every milestone in your self-publishing journey as our own. Join hands with us to get the ball rolling and step closer to achieving your literary dreams.

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The Publishing Masterminds Behind This All-In-One Platform
For Self-Published Authors In NZ

The biggest reason why we are so popular among Kiwi authors is our highly experienced team that contains dedicated specialists for every job. From designing covers to formatting, editing, printing, and marketing your book, we offer all these services to our customers. Our award-winning book publishing team is fully capable of making your next publication successful.

Donald StevesDonald StevesLife Story Writer
Sasha BrooksSasha BrooksEditor & Proofreader
Robert DixonRobert DixonBook Cover Designer
Anna GilbertAnna GilbertBook Marketing Expert
Justin SmithJustin SmithProfessional Ghostwriter
Lilly AndersonLilly AndersonEBook Publisher