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Publishing A Book In NZ With No Fear Of Rejection!

There are a bunch of self-publishing companies, but none of them gets your book published in the first shot. We're the only book publishing service provider which breaks that curse.

Our book publishers are always up to help new or seasoned authors hop on the success journey. Enjoy the hassle-free publishing process along with a custom book printing service.

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Are you tormenting the search engines with the 'best book publishing companies near me' search? We're sure you'll bump into our self-publishing company. Our self-publishing services are famous for kicking out book launch stress from your life and simplifying your journey in just a few steps.

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Take Consultation

Get your queries sorted with book publishing experts.

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Select A Platform

Choose the platforms you want to release your book on.

Submit Manuscript
Submit Manuscript

Share your tale, and we'll turn it into a publish-ready format.

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Strategy Curation

We come up with smart strategies for a successful launch.

Publishing Done
Publishing Done

Spot your book on the on-demand platforms in no time.

The Go-To Book Publishers In Auckland!

Listen up - our NZ's book publishing specialists are no regulars. Our professionals commit our days and nights to planning a foolproof strategy and landing your book on the biggest self-publishing platforms. KDP Amazon is just the beginning; we take you to many eBook publishing sites. From Lulu, Barnes and Noble and Apple Books self-publishing, we cover them all.

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Self Publishing Support In NZ

That Will Turn You Into
A Successful Author On Every Platform

Whether you need Kindle direct publishing assistance or guidance with Amazon self-book publishing, we push our boundaries to help you get closer to your literary dreams of becoming a bestselling author.

Africa Risen
A Jack Noble Thriller
Never Tell
The Fall Of Iromouth
Monstrous Ties
Our Last Summer
The Tiny Dragon
Every Bird A Prince
The Danger Gang
So Witches We Became
The Fractured Crypt
The Book Of Esther
Lord Of The Flies
A Spark In The Cinders
The Metamorphosis Kafka
The Crucable
The 13th God
The Green Knight
Tess Of The Road
The Family Next Door
The Boys In The Boat
The Greatest Beer Run Ever
Women In White Coats
To The Stars
Red Island House
Past Time Sensibilities
The Voice Of Light
Only When I Step On It
George Orwell
The Echo Of Old Books
Lectures On Literature
Animal Farm George Orwell
Of Mice And Mens
Twelve Angry Men
The Outsiders
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Great Gatsby
Robert Louis Stevenson
Zinnia And The Bees
Other Words For Home
The Spellbinding Secret Of Avery Buckle
Aya And The Firecats
The Midnight Museum
Feeling The Wind
The Secret Garden
The Book Of Stolen Dreams
The Secret Ingredient
Tonya And Her Perfect Tea
The Midnight Library
The Worst Ship In The Fleet
The Left Hand Of Darkness
The Last Cuentista
Against All Odds
The Three Body Problem
Dark Matter
Quantum Radio
Tress Of The Emerald Sea
The Cruel Prince
House Of Flame And Shadow
The Prisoner's Throne
A Court Of Frost And Starlight
Crown Of Earth And Sky
Blood Of A Novice
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Leave a literary legacy like 'Michael King' and 'Lynley Dodd' with our publishing and book marketing services. You'll be the next best seller in Queenstown, Christchurch, and all over New Zealand.

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Clay Lewis
Clay Lewis

"I looked up poetry publishing companies and found them. Their book publishers in Dunedin did all the work effortlessly. They're the best to self-publish your book."

Stephanie Drake
Stephanie Drake

"My search for 'cheap poetry book publishers near me' took me to these book publishing agents. Publishing on Amazon was done in just a few days. I'm surprised!"

Blanca Woods
Blanca Woods

"Self-publishing a book was very tough for me, but these book publishers in New Zealand were a great help. I was on Amazon well before my given deadline."

Regina Parsons
Regina Parsons

"They're the best agency that I have worked with so far! Their eBook publishing services were very affordable. My plan was to be on Amazon, but their cheap prices convinced me to go all the way."

Bryan Marshall
Bryan Marshall

"I checked multiple book publishing houses, but their hybrid jobs publishers had the most satisfactory reviews. Fast forward, today my novel is in the top-selling section!"

Bradley Carson
Bradley Carson

"I loved how their book publishing services were not charged heavily. Plus, their team kept me in the loop till the very end. They're fast, economical and a go-to publisher in Rotorua."

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NZ's Best Book Publishing Services

Treading the self-book publishing path, you'll come across many bumps. Format issues, rejections, and meeting the criteria get overwhelming if you're new to the league. But we're here to clean your stress sweats with our amazing services that help authors from Christchurch to Tauranga achieve their best-selling milestones.

Writing To Printing - Count Us In!

We rank in the top book publishing companies in New Zealand, but that's not our only superpower. From writing, cover designing, editing, and printing to marketing, we handle it all so you can enjoy your success. We're a jack of all trades, master of publishing.

Royalty-Free & Affordable Publishing

Releasing your book on the most significant platforms may make your wallet unhappy. From jacked-up prices to profit sharing, there's so much struggle for authors. But we're free from all that. We offer economical prices with no royalty fees. Your profits are completely yours!

Boosted 8K+ Author's Career In NZ

No matter your career stage, newbie or seasoned, we sweep you closer to your dream. Becoming an award-winning author is now possible as we take complete responsibility for your book release. No worries if you're not tech-savvy, as we've got a battalion of 250+ publishers.

Global Recognition Within Days

Make your incredible stories a new sensation beyond borders by trusting us. Just name any platform, and we'll launch your book there in a snap. Unlike others, we only take a week to get the job done. Your book will be live online and hit the pinnacle of sales by global audiences in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, publishing a decent book costs around NZ$ 4,000– NZ$ 8,000 in New Zealand. However, our prices are way more competitive than those of any other agency. Our prices typically start as low as NZ$ 1499, which is considered generous.

There's no doubt about that – us! We're definitely the best of all authors, whether you're new or professional, because of our comprehensive services and affordable prices. They don't even have to lift a finger as we do it all.

Yes absolutely! You can hire our world's best publishers to kickstart your career. Our team is extremely talented and has years of experience in bringing any great book to the path of success. Your publishing is sorted with us.

It all starts with a quick search of the 'best book publishers near me'. This is how the authors of New Zealand find us. Check out as many agencies as you want, but your final destination will be ours as we offer a complete deal.

That's a common issue. Publishing isn't difficult, but publishing right is. That's why our book publishers map out smart strategies to help you stand out from the crowd. Improved visibility and sales are the aftermaths.

A great publisher is always on the hunt for a fantastic author. If you've command over the genre, have a great personality and have a super interesting story, the odds of you being picked up by top publishers are better.
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From queries to quotes, our specialists are right here to answer and help you publish your book the right way.

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